“Let Me Upgrade You”

17 Sep

Besides the fact that I upgraded my thhzzzes, I increased the amount of weights I use at the gym from 10lbs to 12lbs. Although it is only a two pound increase I sure can feel the burn today. 🙂  

OH! And the other night I made a pizza which was amazing!

The crust was pre-made and the tomato sauce was from a can, and I just topped it with sliced tomato (1), 1 sliced bell pepper (it would have been better if I chopped the pepper which I will do next time), and reduced fat mozzarella cheese. It made 6 servings which comes out to like $1.10 a serving/slice. Cheap, cheap, cheap. I paired a slice of pizza with 1.5 cups of salad. Yum.

The pizza got the approval of my biggest/only food critic.


One Response to ““Let Me Upgrade You””


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    […] go wrong with PIZZA!  I made a grilled chicken pizza. The crust and sauce were left over from my Tomato and Green Pepper Pizza. I topped it with mozzarella, Parmesan, a bit of Mexican cheese and 1 breast of Tysons pre-made […]

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