Hot To Trot//Toning Twofer

5 Oct

Runnnnnning can get kinda boring after a while so thanks to my friend Jennifer lending me her Shape  magazine I was able to get out of my workout rut I was in last week. This workout is awesome too because it not only works your legs but it incorporates your arms too! Once I finished this workout I could feel that I worked out muscles in my legs that I didn’t even know I had.

For this exercise you will need a treadmill and a 6-to 10-lb weighted ball/medicine ball.

Keep the medicine ball next to the treadmill. When the Toning Twofer part of the workout comes  you will need to step off the treadmill and pick up the medicine ball and step back on.

*As the illustration in the pictures shows, hold the medicine ball with two hands at your chest. Raise the ball above your head and bend elbows so that the medicine ball is touches behind your head on the back of you neck. Return Ball to above your head and back down to your chest. Repeat for entire time.*

Read through all the exercise before starting so you know when to start using the medicine ball.

WARNING: Don’t do this workout if you have bad knees, bad eye-hand coordination, or bad balance.

Time (minutes) What to Do Speed (mph) Incline (%)
0-4 Warm Up 3.0-4.0 0-0.5
4-6 Side shuffle, right foot 3.0-4.0 1.0-2.0
6-8 Side shuffle, left foot 3.0-4.0 1.0-2.0
8-10 Walk or Jog 3.0-5.5 1.0-2.0
10-22 Repeat minutes 4-10 twice 2.5-3.5 1.0-2.0
22-23 Toning Twofer 3.0-5.5 1.0-2.0
23-24 Walk or Jog 3.0-5.5 1.0-2.0
24-26 Repeat minutes 22-24 2.5-5.5 1.0-2.0
26-30 Cool Down 3.0-4.0 0

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