My Gym

8 Oct

This is my gym! Probably one of the best “add-ons” and unavoidable charges to the tuition I have to pay for school each semester. I use this facility at least 4 times a week. They offer a wide range of cardio machines, weights, and really great exercises classes.

Thank GOD for this place because I was here today trying to get my run on practicing for a 5k coming up on the 22nd and mid run I was feeling like I was dragging and had zero motivation to finish the 35 minute run. So I hopped off the treadmill and  on to a stationary bike.

I forgot how fun riding a bike can be (even if I am not outside). After about 5 minutes on the bike I started to mentally engage and push myself once again and finished my workout with this bad boy. 🙂 I think switching up workouts and cardio routines is key to  meeting your goals. When I was on the bike I realized that was probably why in the past I would start going to the gym and after 3 weeks would stop going as much because I would just get bored with my routine.



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