Finally Friday

14 Oct

I have been super busy this whole week. This semester has been very intense. I have been getting all my work done but with having school, work work, exercising, and playing with Molly, it leaves me little time to do anything interesting and little time to blog. Thursday was pretty weird. I woke up to a black/blue-ish giant cloud over my house. I made it to school about 10 minutes before it POURED! I could literally see the rain coming across the bay. It was cool. We rarely get rain down here so everyone loves it when it rains.

Later the weather did a whole 180 from the morning time. I could not believe it but then again I could. You can never depend on the weather man down here.

Last night I was feeling like I needed to blow off some steam so I did the Tush Toner I again. It worked my butt off!!!I love this workout! I felt like I got a better workout than if I were to run.

Today, Friday, at work was another normal day except a customer came in and was sending a fax. It turns out she is a blogger as well and was getting ready to go to a convention somewhere (I forgot where). I was pretty impressed about what she was telling me about her work and the things she blogged about. She gave me a little more inspiration to keep blogging. She has been doing this for 4 years she said! It was cool running into a fellow blogger. I have never met anyone else that blogs. Her website is if you want to check it out.

This evening couldn’t have come sooner! When we got home tonight Molly was pooped from her doggy daycare

I went outside to play around with my camera 🙂

And Molly came outside to check out what I was doing! ❤


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