Super Saturday

16 Oct

My Saturday was super productive! I got up and went straight to the gym. On Saturdays I have to make myself go to the gym first thing otherwise I will find other things to do and make excuses not to go. So after the gym I came home and took Molly on a bike ride to the Snake Trail that is kinda close to my house. We were gone for an hour! On our bike ride we saw cows and I started MOOing at them and they stopped eating and just stared at us. Molly thought they were interesting but we kept our distance. I didn’t bring my phone on the bike ride otherwise I would have pictures. 😦 I will use my head next time so I can share the pictures. At the end of the Snake Trail is the bay and Molly was so relieved. She was pretty hot by then and went swimming. She is like the perfect dog for me… she is snugglie, active, and curious.

After our bike ride I came home, showered off, and cleaned up. I made an AWESOME Cobb Salad. I got the recipe from The salad is  Shrimp Cobb Salad but I made a few modifications to the recipe because I don’t like shrimp. Instead of shrimp I put grilled chicken breasts!

Later that evening Austin and I went to Target to waste time and get out of the house. When we were there I came across THESE:

Dunkin Donuts Seasonal coffees! I went ahead and purchased the Pumpkin Spice one because… well its pumpkin season and OCTOBER! I can’t wait to try the other two. It’s not even cold or cool outside so I don’t drink a lot of coffee when the weather is hot. But I am a sucker for seasonal items so I HAD TO!  When I got home I realized that –dum de dum– I don’t have a coffee maker but I do have a Frappe maker that Austin had bought me for Christmas a few years ago. So I used the Frappe maker to brew my little sample of coffee and it worked out fine. If I want to have a whole cup of coffee I will either need to brew like 5 times to make a full cup or break down and buy a coffee maker. They aren’t expensive but I’m not desperate for it so that can wait.

The judges weighed in and… drum roll please… it was AWESOME! I just added a bit of 1% milk to the mix to make it less coffee-ie.


I hope y’all had a wonderful weekend. Time to get things in order for Monday! ❤


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