Practice Run

18 Oct

Today has been a beauty!  The weather has been in the mid to low 70’s which is perfect for running!  Which I got to do today… outside!

I figured that I should at least practice outside a few times while the weather is nice before my real run on Saturday.  Saturday morning this lady will be running for CHILDREN! The same day the city scheduled a Breast Cancer run but since I heard about the L.E.G.A.C.Y run first I decided to stick with it.  They are both great causes but  I had already committed to the kids. 😉 I am super pumped for my run this weekend!!

I love love LOVE my crockpot!  Today I made a Chicken Taco Chili from, once again,  In case you can’t tell this food blog is really great.  Gina has some of the BEST and easiest recipes that are healthy for you too. This recipe is perfect for this weather too.  It’s nice and warm and puts me into the fall mood.

Have it mentioned that I am a sucker for seasonal items??  This Kid Z Bar that’s flavor is “Full Moon Brownie” with White Chocolate chip Brownie was my snack for today. SOOO good! I only got one to try and I wish I got more.  How cute is this package??

What season is your favorite? What do you do to get in the spirit of the season?


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