My First 5k

22 Oct

I started off the day super early by waking up at 5am. I gave myself plenty of time to wake up and eat my usual pre-run breakfast which is crunchy peanut butter and bananas on toast with a side of milk. I started to get really nervous when I would think about the actual run because although I had been practicing for almost 10 weeks I still didn’t know how I would compair to the other runners. I had to reassure myself a few times that I had been doing this for awhile and I will be fine, and that this was just another run its just with a lot more people.

Austin and Molly went with me to the race for support. (That was so sweet because it was super early!) When we arrived at about 6:45 I went to the check in table and got my bag of goodies, my race bib, and my time chip. Austin and Molly walked with me for awhile so I could warm up and get some streatching in. Molly had no idea what was going on and she was smelling everything in sight.

At about 7:30 the 10k runners took off and it was time for me to line up with the 5k group.

Then at 7:35am  it was my turn to get my run on.

(I had a little technical difficulties with the app I was using when I started so it didn’t track  the first .41 miles)

During my run I wasn’t really thinking and I had my music playing but I wasn’t listening to that either. I was just going.  I was mainly listening to my body and pacing myself.

Running with all of those people around me was really exciting. I had people passing me right away which made me felt like a slow runner but about 10 minutes into the entire run I was steadily passing them as they were slowing down or walking. I knew then that my hard work and dedication to practicing for this had paid off. As you can see above, my pace for the first mile was 9:36 minutes , second 11:36 minutes, and third9:20 minutes. I’m not sure if it was the excitement of the race, a lot of people being there, or just because running early in that awesome of weatehr got me going but those times were the best I’ve run so far.

Thirty-three and a half minutes of running I approached the finish line and saw my mini-support group, Austin and Molly, there waiting for me. Austin tapped Molly and I could read his mouth say “Look!” and I whistled at her and she looked up and started wagging her tail! She saw her mommy! After the race I was SO proud of myself. After 5 mintes of finishing the race and downing a whole bottle of water I felt like I could go run some more.

We waited for the rest of the runners to finish then listened for who won the raffel prizes and who won places in their race category. I unfortinantly didn’t win anything from the raffel but I DID win 3rd place in my age group (20-29) for the 5k!! 😀

I was double time, super proud of myself AGAIN.

All in all it was an awesome experience. The hard work of keeping up running week in and week out was really rewarding after the race. It made me really pumped for more events likes these. Maybe I will get in a few more 5ks then start practicing for a 10k, then a half marathon and so on. We’ll see. 🙂


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