Halloween Weekend 2011

31 Oct

This past weekend I finally got a chance to get home and see most of my family! The drive was long but once we got there it was totally worth it. The weekend started off with some Mexican food and margaritas on Friday! Becca and I split a beef fajita salad, and my dad and I had some strong margaritas but we had to finish them. I mean… there are starving people out there. We can’t waste food like that. 😉

Saturday was such an ordeal! My fault mainly. Becca and I got up super early to head down to our old neck of the woods to get her hair colored. The place was so cute. It was a little salon that had sparkles and glitter everywhere. It was really girly. Becca and I agreed that it made us want to re-do our rooms. LOL We also spend hours and hours at multiple BestBuy stores so that we could find the perfect “unit”. Boy is this a sweet machine.

After that, I had put in a special request fora certain kind of bread so we ran to the local Great Harvest Bread Co. and I picked up some festive bread. PUMPKIN CRUNCH bread! It is sooo good! I realized when I got home that I could have left some with the fam because it is really sweet and a lot of it.

Lastly, I volunteered to make my favorite recipe Turkey Sausage with red and green bell peppers and goat cheese. We had bought some of the BIGGEST bell peppers I had ever seen! (See picture for comparison with my fist! HUGE) The recipe was a hit and everyone said they enjoyed it. The rest of the night we all just hung out with each other watching t.v. and playing around in the computer lab.

The next day, Sunday, I woke up to my dads all time famous breakfast which was eggs, pancakes, and toast! Mmm-Mmm! We had some of the turkey sausage left over and my genius dad put the left overs in the eggs. That was delicious!!! I also reheated some of the left over peppers and put them in with my eggs. It was probably the yummiest breakfast I have had in a long time!!

Our last adventure before I had to get on the road was a nice nature walk at Jones Park. It was good exercise for everyone and the dogs LOVE running free in there. Just look at them. They look like wild dogs. 🙂 The weather was perfect for a nature walk. The air was cool, the leaves were kinda crunchy, and the trees. Oh the trees!! I wish we had nature walks like these where I live.

Once we got to the end of the hike there was a low-lying tree. Monkeying around, we tried to climb it but only one was successful. Can you spot the real monkey in the tree?

After an action packed weekend and some good quality time needed with the family it was time to head home. I was sad to go. I always am. It has been nearly two years now and it still doesn’t get easier leaving my family. I feel so blessed that I have such an awesome/wonderful family. I couldn’t have asked for better homies. I LOVE YOU GUYS!



One Response to “Halloween Weekend 2011”

  1. David Bock November 12, 2011 at 12:09 pm #

    We love you too Brittany.

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