Group Run

3 Nov

Today I did something a little daring. I went to my first group run. Alone!  It was scary because going to into a new environment is always scary especially when you don’t know what to expect.  I was one of the youngest runners.  The flyer for the group run stated that they broke up into three groups depending on distance so I figured there would be a lot of people.  When I pulled up there was only a handful of people who were mainly grown ups (30+ years old).  I asked “So how far do y’all usually run?” A lady answered “Oh like 6 miles.”  So I let them know that I am not really that experienced.  The group members were really nice and they told me that I could run with the 3 milers.  I thought, okay awesome.  This is working out so far.  When the  3 milers came out from inside the house it was a couple of 10th grade boys. So I was a 22-year-old running with a couple of 10th graders.  Awesome.  Not.  lol.  Needless to say they were faster than me because of their long gangly legs.  I did feel a little better when they stopped to catch their breath and I kept running.  Any way, I don’t think I will be returning to the group run.  I like my usual course.  I am glad I went though  because I found a new/old/awesome part of Corpus with some beautiful houses.

P.S. Check out my cool college dinners this past week.

That would be: 1 large egg, 1 large egg white, left over red and green bell peppers topped with goat cheese wrapped in 1 tortilla the extra on the side and a brat with mustard.


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