Style Tips For Running

8 Nov

In this blog you will learn some secret, or not so secret, style tips for running starting from head to toe.

1. Head band.
If you have those annoying fly away hairs that blow in the wind and tickle your face while running, a nice thick head band will do the trick to keep those bad boys down.

2. Low Down Pony Tail.
If you are anything like me and have thick hair that ends up falling after 5 minutes of running making you look like a hot mess AND you have to stop running to redo your hair multiple times, then the low pony tail is right for you!

3. Double bag ’em.
Wear two bras if you are doing high impact workout and need that little extra support,

4. Leggings or pants.
Since most girls legs don’t look like the ones in magazines, wearing leggings or tight pants under a pair of shorts can help prevent your legs from becoming chapped.

5. Socks.
A good pair of socks is important for any exercise. I use the short Hanes women’s socks. They are nice and thick to keep my foot from sliding around and prevent my feet from becoming a sweaty stink mess. You don’t want to be the stinky girl in the locker room do you?

Did I miss anything important? What are your style tips for running?


2 Responses to “Style Tips For Running”

  1. tuesday2 December 11, 2011 at 7:06 am #



    Chewing gum keeps my mind off how much I want to stop running!

    *A winter hat with a ponytail opening 🙂

    • What's Up With Brittany December 11, 2011 at 11:07 am #

      That is very true! Chapstick is a must!

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