Snake Trail

19 Nov

When I woke up this morning I decided to spend some quality time with my girl Molly and do something special for her. She is always so patient with me during the week waiting for me while I am at work and school all day and while I am at home doing homework. She and I got rolling around 9am to go to the Snake Trail. I made coffee and off we went. She was so excited as we pulled up. She knew exactly where we were.




(I had to tell her to sit so I could get her in a picture. She was ready to go!)

Written in the cement was “I Love You”. I thought it was cute so I took a picture.


At the end of the Snake Trail is an old train track. A lot of people fish from there. We just walk and turn around there.



Luckily, it was time to turn around because there was a giant rain cloud coming our way.

And this is why we call it The Snake Trail:


Thank goodness it was already dead because I remember from watching a show with Austin about snakes that said “Red on yellow, Kill a Fellow” and “Red on Black, Friend of Jack”.  That was the first time I saw that kind of snake in real life. The first time we were on the Snake Trail we saw a giant rattle snake and it even struck at me before I saw it. I am always scared to go on that trail but ever since then I am on high alert.


Mission Accomplished! A tired, worn out dog. Dog face


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