Thanksgiving Part I

30 Nov

This past weekend was really fun. I went home to visit my family and spend a little bit of time with Austin’s family as well. The first evening I was there, Becca and I went to meet up with our NanNan to have dinner with her. It was really nice to see her because we only get to see her about once a year. The last time we had seen her was last Thanksgiving (2010).

The next morning the whole house had to get up super early because we all participated in the GE Run Through The Woods.

When we arrived at the race it was packed!

Unlike my first race, many of the people were super experienced runners. I’m talking like, they had been running since they were in the womb. I was well aware of that and had mentally prepared myself to accept whatever the outcome was. I was just proud of myself for even running this 5 mile race. Turns out, I had to run the race myself.Who me?My co-runner had ditched me to walk (but ended up running.. I don’t know). Anyway, I finished the race at 119 out of 130 of my age group in 56.50 minutes.

As I was approaching the finish line I looked to my left and what do I see?

AUSTIN, HIS MOM, AND SISTER! They came to watch me!!! That was the sweetest thing ever. They didn’t have to get up that early, stand in the cold, and deal with all those people/parking. That really made my heart warm. I am so lucky to have awesome people like that in my life.


That was a fun day! I am super proud of the family that they all participated.

I am totally going to make a Turkey Trot my tradition where ever I am. Smile



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