Holiday Decorations

9 Dec

Since Austin and I are still in college and live in an apartment, we don’t have much room for holiday decorations. Our last trip to Houston we inherited a few decorations from Austin’s mom and Grandma.  His mom was understanding that we don’t have much room to spare so she gave us the minimum decorations so we could get into the spirit of things a little down here.


The mini tree she made us last Christmas and the puppy stocking came from my parents neighbor last year. I think it is the cutest thing!!


Austin put the Christmas lights up around the balcony the other night but I don’t have a picture of those. They look great!

I’m ready to get home and see everyone again! I am so thankful that I survived another semester! On to the next and LAST one! SmileI have been working on some pretty awesome gifts to give this year and I have been wanting to share them with everyone and how I have been making them but I can’t or I will spoil the surprise! I can’t wait to see what people say about them.


Happy Holidays From Corpus Christi!


Have you decorated yet?


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