Have You Tried Something New Lately?

17 Dec

Instead of spreading peanut butter on my toast or on apples, I decided it was time to try something different. Have you ever tried almond butter? I gave it a shot a few weeks ago and wasn’t a big fan of it at all! This week at the grocery store I wanted to give it another try so I bought Dark Chocolate Almond butter. I was a little reluctant because it was $4 but it was actually good!


On toast it tasted a little like Nutella butter (which is the BEST!) but with a hint of almond.


What did you do on your Saturday the week before Christmas? Austin, Molly, and I went to the beach and we found starfish! I picked up three of them to bring home for my sisters and family but Austin said they would start to get stinky so I decided to leave them. Sorry guys, I tried.. lol

Well I should be going now. I am going to evaluate what is to come for the next few weeks and for this next year so that I can have a plan to get back on track and get re-motivated. BYE!

Try something new!!


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