1 Awesome Present & 5 Miles

21 Dec

Its true. If don’t use it you lose it.

Sad smile

Because time has been limited since Thanksgiving due to the end-of–semester things and work, my running has been scarce. I pushed myself outa bed at 7 am to get up and outside this morning for a 5 mile jog.IMG_1141

Christmas is 4 days away which means cold weather. It could be because of the weather or because I haven’t been practicing (which I think it’s the latter reason) but I added 10 minutes on to my time since my 5 mile Thanksgiving run making my run time 1:03:15.


The sun was tryyying to poke through the clouds this morning. No success. It looked like heaven was beaming down though. Pretty. Smile



Have a wonderful day! Hope everyone’s Christmas Shopping is finished!

P.S. Who else has an awesome Grandpa that does this?

(He’s a crossing guard for the local school and dresses up for the holidays. For Halloween he was a gorilla.) I think it is so adorable and very hilarious!  HAhaha

IMG_1134 (2)

SHOUT OUT TO: GRANDPA! I hope you are having a fun time with my dad this week.
Miss YOU and Grandma!! We’ll Skype you on Christmas!

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