Christmas 2011 – II

30 Dec

Continuation of Christmas 2011 – I

Christmas Day evening

was nice and relaxing. Once everyone opened their gifts we all hung around the house for a while playing with them and figuring them out. For me it was figuring out my new camera! I took 139 pictures that day just playing around with the settings.

Here is just a sample of what my AWESOME camera can do:

Later that evening I met up with Austin and his sister so we could go have Christmas dinner with his dad.



They made their traditional brisket dinner with a side of corn, green beans, a lemon thing (which I forgot to ask what it was called because it was good!).

Before eating they have a tradition opening-of-this-popping-thing. Inside it is filled with small gifts like a note pad, jokes, or a paper crown. The crowns were a big hit.


After the dinner at Austin’s dads house, we were chauffeured back to his moms house were there were more presents to be opened! Once again, all of those gifts seemed to be so thoughtful. Every single one of them will be used. It is like they put themselves in my shoes and said “Hmm.. what do I want and need?” And they guessed RIGHT! I am so blessed to have such an awesome second family. Even if there were no gifts involved, I love getting to see them when we are in town.

Stay tuned for Christmas 2011 – III tomorrow.


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