11 Jan

I have officially reached a big milestone!


I cannot believe I’ve actually been loosing weight. I truly believe the BIG factor for weight loss is exercising because when I exercise I lose all cravings for eating bad things and doing bad things (like hang out on the couch). I actually crave nutrient rich foods! Don’t get me wrong I do crave a little chocolate here and there but I’m a girl… its inevitable. Winking smile

I’ve recently been challenging myself to incorporate at least 1+ vegetable in the meals I make. So far its pretty simple. Last night I made spaghetti and along with the Morning Star Meal Starter packages I added a half a cup of zucchini.IMG_1359IMG_1360

Not real fancy fresh zucchini. I just bought this pack of frozen zucchini slides from HEB (.99 cents), popped a few on the stove and topped my spaghetti with ‘em.


VALA! I think it was a nice touch. It added a little different flavor and texture in a good way!

I was also able to use my AWESOME new running gear I got for Christmas because it has been about 45 degrees down here!


P.S. This photo was taken after the gym and running 3 miles so excuse the hair!

Those pants ROCK! Sometimes when you buy pants (if you don’t buy the right kind) they fall down when you run and you have to keep worrying about pulling them up, but those were nice and snug didn’t go anywhere! They also went all the way down to my ankles so they did their job and kept my whole legs warm… they also have a secret mini pocket!


I am SO excited because a little of my family is coming down tomorrow to visit!! So if I don’t post anything for a few days that’s why! I’m soaking up time with the fam!

::Miles Completed = 11.8::

Have you done anything to make your meals healthier lately?

One Response to “Milestone!!!”

  1. Jennifer January 15, 2012 at 8:53 pm #

    Wooo Hooo I’m proud of you!!!!!

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