Play Dress Up!

20 Jan

I read a book recently about running and weight loss and it gave me some awesome, simple ideas on how to dress up sandwiches! I tried it for lunch today and was amazed at hoe delicious the substitutions were. Yes, the typical mustard and light or fat free mayo is always a good spread to add flavor to a sandwich but why not take it up a notch?


I added Sabra hummus for a nice kick of spice to my sandwich. The hummus is about $3 which is kind of pricy for me but it is so versatile that it is worth it! As well as a spread, I use a tablespoon of it on  the side as a dip for baby carrots. If you’ve never had hummus you are missing out!! The texture is like dip and the taste depends on the flavor you choose. I LOVE the spicy flavor but they have several to choose from.


The other spread I added was… ready for this???… BLACK BEANS! With my handy new food processor I poured a can of drained black beans into the chopper and watched my new spread come to life. Black beans are so much more healthier than mayo! I added about a tablespoon of black bean to my bread and VOALA! Tasty support for the digestive tract! Once again… very versatile. Spread and dip for carrots or whole wheat pita chips.


There is nothing more that I hate than homework and wasting food so I used an empty, cleaned pickle jar as a storage container for future uses of my black bean spread. Smile


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