Planning is Everything

22 Jan

This coming week is going to be a busy one! I start my internship tomorrow which means I will be interning 15 hours a week at the hospital, still working at my work, and I will be going to class. With a busy week ahead of me I made a point to plan my meals and gym ahead of time so that even though my schedule is going into high gear, my nutrition and exercising regimen won’t take a back seat.



I used the left over stir fry from dinner tonight as a side for my lunch tomorrow and my awesome boyfriend grilled up a few small chicken breasts for my so I can have a little protein on top of my salad. The other tiny chicken breasts will make an awesome chicken sandwich for Tuesdays lunch too!


I also threw in a bag of baby carrots and 2 tablespoons of light Italian dressing for the carrots and my salad.

It is important to schedule fitness time as if there was no question about whether to do it or not. If I make a plan to go to the gym ahead of time as part of my schedule it makes it tough for me to say no when the time comes. Kind of like if I have a class scheduled I have to go or else there will be consequences… same happens with the gym if I don’t go there will be consequences and all my hard work will be down the drain.

Have a great week and plan ahead!

::Miles Completed = 20.2 Miles::

What do you  to prepare for the week?


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