Form Check

13 Feb

Ever wondered if your running formation is correct? I’m no health expert or running genius but I got a tip from a reader (Jennifer) that I should post this tip sheet for running.



I have listed below the tips that are on the picture above because its small and hard to see.

1. Look 5 to 10 feet in front of you keeping your head in line with your neck and relax your shoulders.
2. Take slow, steady, deep breaths to maintain control as you pick up speed.
3. Keep your elbow’s bent 90 degrees and close to your body, and gently swing your arms forward and back.
4. Hinge forward a little from your hips. (When going uphill lean back slightly.)
5. Your foot should strike directly under your body.
6. Land on the ball of your foot, and push off. If your heel hits first, it absorbs shock and acts like a break, slowing you down.
7. Going downhill? Try to kick your butt, which will help lengthen your stride. On an incline, lick back less.

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