4 Days Until Official Fall

18 Sep

It’s official… the seasons are trying to change! With a little help from the grocery stores it is starting to feel like fall.


I am so excited because this is my favorite time of year! The weather, especially in the morning, has been absolutely beautiful and crisp which makes me want to go for a morning jog. I, unfortunately, have to contain myself because I have lots of things to do in the morning regarding my job search.

IMG_3002 I noticed that I am a creature of unintentional habit.

The smells that come with fall are so relaxing. The crisp leaves, the cool morning dew, the smell of cinnamon and pumpkin, and of course the SOAPs from Bath and Body Works!


(Funny side note: When I was making the link above, I noticed that it is exactly a year to the day since my previous post about the smells and Bath and Body Works soaps. Ha!)

I have also been hearing some chatter about upcoming 5ks which has gotten me thinking that I would like to start running again and possibly participate in some races this fall. If so, I need to get started now. Smile 

What is your favorite season and why?


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